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Emergency measures

The University Library has an open dispensing window with contactless dispensing since Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

Rules for providing University Library services to students


Lending is in the form of a pre-order. From March 1, pre-ordering books for students easier. It is no longer necessary to list the books that the reader is interested in by e-mail, but the reader has the option to order books directly from the online catalog (ordering instructions). The library then agrees with the reader on the handover of the ordered books at a certain date (day, time) and reads the books to his reader's account. The reader will pick up the books at the library on this agreed date in a designated visible place. When visiting the library, the student is obliged to follow all hygienic regulations (hand disinfection, drape, 2 meters spacing). After his visit, the library staff disinfected the place for selecting books.

Loans are automatically renewed for the duration of the library's closure.

Free selection of books, team and individual study rooms are not available.

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday 9:00–18:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  9:00–14:00


Students can return books to biblioboxes. There are no late return fees while the library is closed. Payments for late returns made before this period can be done by bank transfer, specific data (account number, variable character, etc.) will be communicated to you on request in the relevant sub-libraries.

Printing services

They work on devices outside the library.

Electronic information sources

We recommend students, academics and researchers to use electronic information sources (e-books, e-articles, etc.) from the comfort of home.

Buying books

Books and other documents can be ordered in the traditional way through Magion. The library staff will inform you by e-mail about the development of the order or the possibility of picking up the reserved book. For more information on buying books, visit the Buying Books section of the website.

Interlibrary loan service, search services

The services run without restrictions, contact the library staff at the e-mail addresses listed on the website in the Interlibrary Loan Service and Search Services sections.

Consultation services

The library provides consulting services (on the issue of citations, the use of electronic information sources, writing the final thesis, etc.) to academic staff and students. Contact the library staff at the e-mail addresses listed on the website in the Consultation Hours section.

Records of publishing activities

Records of publishing activities are unrestricted. When submitting full texts to the library, we prefer to send them by internal mail. More information on the records of publishing activities can be found on the website in the Publishing Activities section.

Publishing activity

Regarding applications for ISBN assignment, publication publishing, review procedure, DOI assignment, etc., please contact colleagues from the publishing house (vydavatel@uk.zcu.cz). More information about the offered services can be found on the publisher's website.

Please order books via the publisher's e-shop. We will be happy to send the publications to your home by post. The stores are closed due to current government measures.

Copy center

The copy center in Bory ceased operations on 31 December 2020.


Please contact us by e-mail, not by telephone, with regard to the crisis operation of the library. If you are not sure who to contact, use the e-mail address knihovna@uk.zcu.cz.

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Konec Evropy / James Kirchick Člověk, jaký je: základy individuální psychologie / Alfred Adlern Sportovní talent: komplexní přístup / Michal Vičar Moderní trendy v léčbě obezity a diabetu / Martin Fried, Štěpán Svačina a kol.