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Library branch in Bory
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The collection and focus of the library

The Library branch in Bory is located within the Bory university campus and provides services mainly to faculties and departments located on in the campus. With regard to the above-mentioned constitutional parts of the university, the collection of the Library branch in Bory is focused on the topics relating to mechanical and electrical engineering, computer technologies, economics, humanities and social studies, as well as resources from the fields of art. In addition, the library purchases literature from related disciplines and also publications of a general nature (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.).

The library collects, registers and stores the full-text versions of publications written by the employees of the University of West Bohemia – with the exception of the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics. The collection of university-published texts is intended for archiving purposes, but publications are fully available for in-house study. Since 2002, Bachelor´s and Master´s theses of students have been kept for all the faculties, again, with the exception of the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics. Moreover, all qualification works defended since 2012 are accessible without restriction in full-text versions in the UWB Digital Library (except for the works to which the Dean's exception was granted).

The book collection is available in open-access sections, located on the first floor of the library. Items that are not in the open-access sections can be ordered from the storage facility. Current volumes of periodicals are available for in-house study.

The Library branch in Bory offers a total of 236 study workplaces in reading rooms, and also 5 team and 9 individual reading rooms. Users have available 39 PCs; wireless internet access via the Eduroam WiFi network is available throughout the library. The library is equipped with devices for reprographic tasks, laminating and ring-binding; it also sells selected office supplies.

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Open-access sections and reading rooms

Circulation desk and reading room with periodicals:

  • opening hours: Mon-Thu 8 am-8. pm, Fri 8 am-3 pm
  • phone: 377 637 755
  • address: Univerzitní 18, Pilsen
  • e-mail: pujcbor@uk.zcu.cz
  • 1st floor, room UB111
  • item loans and returns, reservations
  • 20 study workplaces, 2 PCs with the on-line catalogue and possibility to print
  • 2 multifunctional copying machines (colour copying, printing, scanning), self-service ring-binding machine
  • Selfcheck – self-service loan technology

 Open-access sections and reading room:

  • opening hours: Mon-Thu 8 am-8. pm, Fri 8 am-3 pm
  • phone: 377 637 757
  • address: Univerzitní 18, Pilsen
  • e-mail: pujcbor@uk.zcu.cz
  • 2nd floor, room UB211
  • all courses taught at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Economics (the part located in Pilsen), the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art
  • the collection of university-published texts (in-house loans only)
  • 218 study workplaces, out of which 36 equipped with a PC
  • 1 multifunctional copying machine (colour copying, printing, scanning), a scanner for A3 format

Storage facility:

  • items that are not available in the open-access sections or in the reading rooms are available upon request at the circulation desk; users will be asked to wait briefly to obtain the items

Team and individual reading rooms:

  • 1st floor - 3 team reading rooms seating 9-11 persons
  • 2nd floor:
    • 2 team reading rooms (equipped with a PC and an interactive board(1)); can seat 11-15 persons  
    • 9 individual reading rooms, out of which 4 equipped with PCs
  • the reading rooms can be reserved over the phone, by email, or in person
  • in the individual reading rooms no. 230, 231, 232 and 233, users can access the on-line course for fast reading (Rozečti.se).

Entrance hall with the reception desk:

  • opening hours: Mo-Thu 8 am-8. pm, Fri 8 am-3 pm
  • phone: 377637770
  • 1st floor, room UB013
  • the reception desk hands over and collects the keys from lockers and reading rooms located on the first floor; for in-library use, it also lends laptops (notebooks), data projectors, seat mats and desk games
  • 93 study workplaces