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Library of the Faculty of Education
The collection and focus of the library

The Library of the Faculty of Education is the largest library of UWB in terms of the collection size. A substantial part of the collection is focused on pedagogy and psychology, but literature from social and natural sciences can be also found here; the collection reflects in its composition the courses taught at the faculty. A large part of the collection are textbooks, mainly for elementary and grammar schools.

The library collects, registers and stores the full-text versions of publications written by the employees of the faculty. The university-published texts collection is intended primarily for archiving purposes, but of course, publications are fully available for in-house study.

Since 2002, Bachelor´s and Master´s theses of students of the faculty have been kept for archiving; details about these recent works are available through the Aleph online catalogue. Selected works from previous years are available. Information about Bachelor´s and Master´s theses defended at the faculty before 2002 can be found in the database of theses of the Faculty of Education, where there are records collected from 1992-2001. Users can access the database at http://www.dpfpe.knihovna.zcu.cz; the library is gradually processing outstanding records from previous years.

Moreover, all qualification works defended since 2012 are accessible without restriction in full-text versions in the UWB Digital Library (except for works excepted by the Dean).  Journals are lent for in-house study only. Current volumes of periodicals are available in the reading rooms; some bound volumes of journals are available in the reading rooms or can be ordered from the storage facility.

Search only in the collection of the Faculty of Education.

Open-access sections and reading rooms

Open-access section and reading room in Klatovská Street:

  • opening hours: Mon-Thu 8 am-8 pm, Fri 8 am-3 pm
  • phone: 377 637 733
  • address: Klatovská 51, Pilsen
  • e-mail: pujcped@uk.zcu.cz
  • ground floor, room KL118
  • in-house study – basic textbooks library
  • all disciplines taught at the faculty
  • collection of textbooks for elementary schools and grammar schools
  • university-published texts collection (in-house study only)
  • overview of new items in the book collection
  • 48 study workplaces, out of which 13 equipped with a PC
  • 5 PC stations with the access to ALEPH and COMDAT databases
  • 3 copying machines, (2 with colour print), a printing machine
  • scanner
  • wi-fi network

Depository in Klatovská Street:

  • depository items that are not available in the open-access section or in reading rooms are available on request at the circulation desk; users will wait briefly to receive them

Reading room with periodicals in Klatovská Street:

  • opening hours: Mo-Thu 8 am-8 pm, Fri 8 am-3 pm
  • phone: 377 637 836
  • address: Klatovská 51, Pilsen
  • e-mail: studkla@uk.zcu.cz
  • first floor, room KL245
  • in-house study - periodicals, newspapers
  • fields of study: pedagogy, psychology, biology, physics, mathematics, physical education, arts education, librarian studies, regional periodicals, etc.
  • 23 study workplaces, out of which 8 equipped with a PC
  • study place with video technology
  • copying and printing machine
  • acquisition of periodicals - offers, orders, claims
  • depository with older bound volumes of magazines
  • paper catalogue of older volumes
  • wi-fi network available

Team reading room in Klatovská Street:

  • opening hours: Mon-Thu 8 am-8 pm, Fri 8 am-3 pm
  • address: Klatovská 51, Pilsen
  • second floor, room KL 328
  • reservations: in person, via the phone: 377637733 or email: pujcped@uk.zcu.cz
  • 12 study workplaces, out of which 2 equipped with a PC
  • wi-fi network available