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What´s Open Access?

Open Access (OA) is an international initiative to ensure permanent, instant and free access to full texts of publicly funded science and research results on the Internet. Texts published in OA mode can be copied, reproduced, printed, multiplied and searched without special legal, financial or other restrictions.

OA is a response to the significant influence of the Internet on the spread of information and scientific knowledge and provides an alternative to the conventional publishing model through commercial publishers.

Types of OA


The green and gold types of OA publishing do not mean that the author avoids a review or regular publishing process; nor do they represent publishing at the author´s own expense.

Also in open access journal author can pay article processing charge (article publishing charge). Amount of the fee is usually on website of publisher. In context of open access developed project OpenAPC, where are published fee for publishing from universities and research organizations. Many institutions have own fund for support of publishing and in many research projects are APC reimbursed costs.

Why Open Access?

The basic goal of open access is to ensure rapid barrier-free communication of scientific knowledge and to allow faster development of scientific cooperation.


Do you want more information about Open Access?

You can send your questions about Open Access by email to digknih@uk.zcu.cz.