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Cambridge Journals - HSS kolekce - plné texty časopisů z Cambridge University Press
Canada's Cold Environments - autor: French, Hugh
Carbon Nanotubes: From basic Research to Nanotechnology - autor: Popov, Valentin; Lambin, Philippe
Catalogue of the Late Roman, Byzantine and Barbaric Coins in the Charles University Collection (364 - 1092 A.D.) - autor: Federico Gambacorta
Challenges to the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Theory and E - autor: Capek, Vladislav; Sheehan, Daniel
Channel Management And Retail Marketing - autor: Dhotre, Jednal
Chemistry - autor: Housecroft, Catherine E.; Constable, Edwin C.
Circuits and Filters Handbook, The. The Electrical Engineeri - autor: Wai-Kai Chen
Classification, Parameter Estimation and State Estimation - - van der Heijden
Clinical Coach for Effective Perioperative Nursing Care - autor: Litwack, Kim
Codexis Academia - právní informační systém
Companion to Environmental Geography, A - autor: Castree, Noel; Demeritt, David; Liverman, Diana; Rhoads, Bruce
Comparative Administrative Law - autor: Rose-Ackerman, S.; Lindseth, P.L.
Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industria - autor: Blanpain, Roger
Comparative Perspectives on Communal Lands and Individual Ow - autor: Godden, Lee
Comparing Religions Through Law: Judaism and Islam - autor: Neusner, Jacob; Sonn, Tamara
Competitive Electricity Markets - autor: Fereidoon
Component-Oriented Programming - autor: Wang
Computational Theory of Iterative Methods - autor: Argyros
Computer Arithmetic and Validity : Theory, Implementation, a - autor: Kulisch, Ulrich
Computer Organization and Design - autor: Patterson, David A.; Hennessy, John L.
Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++ - Salleh
Configuration Management Metrics - autor: Watts, Frank B.
Connection-oriented Networks - SONET/SDH, ATM, MPLS and Opti - Perros
Construction Process Planning and Management - autor: Levy, Sidney
Contemporary Funeral Rituals of Sa'dan Toraja - autor: Michaela Budiman
Control and Dynamic Systems - autor: Leondes, Cornelius
Control of Induction Motors - autor: Trzynadlowski, Andrzej
Convergence In Shareholder Law. International Corporate Law - autor: Seims, Mathias
Core Concepts of Occupational Therapy, The: A Dynamic Framew - autor: Creek, Jennifer
Corporate Social Responsibility in India - autor: Agarwal, Sanjay K.
Cosmology - autor: Weinberg, Steven
Cost Optimization of Structures - Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algor - autor: Adeli
Crime, Procedure and Evidence in a Comparative and Internati - autor: Jackson, John; Langer, Maximo; Tillers, Peter
Cross-Border Governance in the European Union - Kramsch, Olivier; Hooper, Barbara
Customer Management Scorecard, The: Managing CRM for Profit - autor: Woodcock, Neil
Cyber Attacks - autor: Amoroso, Edward