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A First Course in String Theory - autor: Zweibach, Barton
A Philosophy of Computer Art - autor: McIver Lopes, Dominic
A Practical Guide to Reliable Finite Element Modelling - autor: Morris
ACM - Digital Library - časopisy a sborníky z konferencí z oblasti počítač...
Accountability for Collective Wrongdoing - autor:Isaacs, Tracy; Vernon, Richard
Acoustics and Psychacoustics - autor: Howard, David; Angus, Jamie
Acting for Singers: Creating Believable Singing Characters - autor: Ostwald, David
Administrative Law and Governance in Asia: Comparative Persp - autor: Ginsburg, Tom; Chen, Albert
Administrative Law in a Changing State - autor: Pearson, Linda; Harlow, Carol; Taggart, Michael
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Dictionary, The A to Z desktop Reference - autor: Andrews
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Studio Techniques - autor: Willmore, Ben; Ablan, Dan
Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers - autor: Evening, Martin
Advanced Methods in Material Forming - autor: Banabic, Dorel
Advanced Multi-Quadrant Operation DC/DC Converters - autor: Luo, Fang Lin
Advanced Techniques in Logic Synthesis, Optimizations and Ap - autor: Kanupriya Gulati
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure - autor: Chen, Joseph
Advances in Material Forming - autor: Chinesta, Francisco; Cueto, Elias
Algorithms for Computer Algebra - autor: Geddes, Keith O.; Czapor, Stephen R.; Labahn, George
Alluvial Fan Flooding - autor: Committee on AlluvialFanFlooding, NationalResearchCouncil
An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture - autor: Strinati, Dominic
Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems 2006 - autor: Cassandras
Analytical Electrochemistry - autor: Wang
Anopress - Mediální a vedomostní dtb - monitor denního českého tisku a médií
Anthropogenic Geomorphology - autor: Szabo, Jozsef
Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems. Embedded Techno - autor: Wescott, Tim
Applied Spectroscopy: A Compact Reference for Practitioners - autor: Workman, Jerry; Springsteen, Art
Approaches to Legal Rationality - autor: Dov M. Gabbay, Patrice Canivez, Shahid Rahman, Alexandre Thiercelin
Architecture of European Codes and Contract Law - autor: Grundmann, Stefan
Art, Culture and the Semiotics of Meaning - autor: Barry, Jackson
Aspects of Mathematical Finance - autor: Yor, Marc
Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide - autor: Moché, Dinah L.
Asynchronous Circuit Design - autor: Myers, Chris J.
Audio BandWidth Extension - autor: Larsen, Erik;Aarts, Ronald M.
Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems - autor: Daly, Steven
Automotive Chassis: Engineering Principles, The - autor: Reimpell, Jornsen; Stoll, Helmut
Automotive Engineering: Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehic - autor: Crolla