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EduScholarships Index - Worldwide Directory of Scholarships for Students
2-D and 3-D Image Registration for Medical, Remote Sensing, - Goshtasby
A First Course in String Theory - autor: Zweibach, Barton
A Philosophy of Computer Art - autor: McIver Lopes, Dominic
A Practical Guide to Reliable Finite Element Modelling - autor: Morris
ACM - Digital Library - časopisy a sborníky z konferencí z oblasti počítač...
ASPI - automatizovaný systém právních informací
Accountability for Collective Wrongdoing - autor:Isaacs, Tracy; Vernon, Richard
Acoustics and Psychacoustics - autor: Howard, David; Angus, Jamie
Acting for Singers: Creating Believable Singing Characters - autor: Ostwald, David
Administrative Law and Governance in Asia: Comparative Persp - autor: Ginsburg, Tom; Chen, Albert
Administrative Law in a Changing State - autor: Pearson, Linda; Harlow, Carol; Taggart, Michael
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Dictionary, The A to Z desktop Reference - autor: Andrews
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Studio Techniques - autor: Willmore, Ben; Ablan, Dan
Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers - autor: Evening, Martin
Advanced Methods in Material Forming - autor: Banabic, Dorel
Advanced Multi-Quadrant Operation DC/DC Converters - autor: Luo, Fang Lin
Advanced Techniques in Logic Synthesis, Optimizations and Ap - autor: Kanupriya Gulati
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure - autor: Chen, Joseph
Advances in Material Forming - autor: Chinesta, Francisco; Cueto, Elias
Algorithms for Computer Algebra - autor: Geddes, Keith O.; Czapor, Stephen R.; Labahn, George
Alluvial Fan Flooding - autor: Committee on AlluvialFanFlooding, NationalResearchCouncil
An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture - autor: Strinati, Dominic
Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems 2006 - autor: Cassandras
Analytical Electrochemistry - autor: Wang
Anopress - Mediální a vedomostní dtb - monitor denního českého tisku a médií
Anthropogenic Geomorphology - autor: Szabo, Jozsef
Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems. Embedded Techno - autor: Wescott, Tim
Applied Spectroscopy: A Compact Reference for Practitioners - autor: Workman, Jerry; Springsteen, Art
Approaches to Legal Rationality - autor: Dov M. Gabbay, Patrice Canivez, Shahid Rahman, Alexandre Thiercelin
Architecture of European Codes and Contract Law - autor: Grundmann, Stefan
Art, Culture and the Semiotics of Meaning - autor: Barry, Jackson
Aspects of Mathematical Finance - autor: Yor, Marc
Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide - autor: Moché, Dinah L.
Asynchronous Circuit Design - autor: Myers, Chris J.
Audio BandWidth Extension - autor: Larsen, Erik;Aarts, Ronald M.
Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems - autor: Daly, Steven
Automotive Chassis: Engineering Principles, The - autor: Reimpell, Jornsen; Stoll, Helmut
Automotive Engineering: Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehic - autor: Crolla
BPM portál - Business Process Management
Basic 1H- and 13C-NMR Spectroscopy - autor: Balci, Metin
Battery Technology Handbook - autor: Kiehne
Bayesian Signal Processing: Classical, Modern, and Particle - Candy
Beading VISUAL Quick Tips. Visual Series. - autor: Chris Franchetti, Michaels
Beck-online - právní informační systém
Bibliotheca economica - digitální knihovna ekonomické literatury vydané před rokem 1948
Bluenomics - databáze ekonomických informací
Bohm-Biederman Correspondece: Creativity and Science - autor: Bohm, David; Biederman, Charles
Boolean Functions: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications - autor; Crama, Yves; Hammer, Peter L.
Bootstrap Methods: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers - autor: Chernick, Michael R.
British Civilization - autor: Oakland, John
Broadband Optical Access Networks and Fiber-to-the-Home - Sy - Lin
Cambridge Journals - HSS kolekce - plné texty časopisů z Cambridge University Press
Canada's Cold Environments - autor: French, Hugh
Carbon Nanotubes: From basic Research to Nanotechnology - autor: Popov, Valentin; Lambin, Philippe
Catalogue of the Late Roman, Byzantine and Barbaric Coins in the Charles University Collection (364 - 1092 A.D.) - autor: Federico Gambacorta
Challenges to the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Theory and E - autor: Capek, Vladislav; Sheehan, Daniel
Channel Management And Retail Marketing - autor: Dhotre, Jednal
Chemistry - autor: Housecroft, Catherine E.; Constable, Edwin C.
Circuits and Filters Handbook, The. The Electrical Engineeri - autor: Wai-Kai Chen
Classification, Parameter Estimation and State Estimation - - van der Heijden
Clinical Coach for Effective Perioperative Nursing Care - autor: Litwack, Kim
Codexis Academia - právní informační systém
Companion to Environmental Geography, A - autor: Castree, Noel; Demeritt, David; Liverman, Diana; Rhoads, Bruce
Comparative Administrative Law - autor: Rose-Ackerman, S.; Lindseth, P.L.
Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industria - autor: Blanpain, Roger
Comparative Perspectives on Communal Lands and Individual Ow - autor: Godden, Lee
Comparing Religions Through Law: Judaism and Islam - autor: Neusner, Jacob; Sonn, Tamara
Competitive Electricity Markets - autor: Fereidoon
Component-Oriented Programming - autor: Wang
Computational Theory of Iterative Methods - autor: Argyros
Computer Arithmetic and Validity : Theory, Implementation, a - autor: Kulisch, Ulrich
Computer Organization and Design - autor: Patterson, David A.; Hennessy, John L.
Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++ - Salleh
Configuration Management Metrics - autor: Watts, Frank B.
Connection-oriented Networks - SONET/SDH, ATM, MPLS and Opti - Perros
Construction Process Planning and Management - autor: Levy, Sidney
Contemporary Funeral Rituals of Sa'dan Toraja - autor: Michaela Budiman
Control and Dynamic Systems - autor: Leondes, Cornelius
Control of Induction Motors - autor: Trzynadlowski, Andrzej
Convergence In Shareholder Law. International Corporate Law - autor: Seims, Mathias
Core Concepts of Occupational Therapy, The: A Dynamic Framew - autor: Creek, Jennifer
Corporate Social Responsibility in India - autor: Agarwal, Sanjay K.
Cosmology - autor: Weinberg, Steven
Cost Optimization of Structures - Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algor - autor: Adeli
Crime, Procedure and Evidence in a Comparative and Internati - autor: Jackson, John; Langer, Maximo; Tillers, Peter
Cross-Border Governance in the European Union - Kramsch, Olivier; Hooper, Barbara
Customer Management Scorecard, The: Managing CRM for Profit - autor: Woodcock, Neil
Cyber Attacks - autor: Amoroso, Edward
D-Lib Magazine - časopis se zaměřením na digitální knihovny
Data Architecture - autor: Tupper, Charles
Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques - autor: Witten, Ian
Data Warehousing Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide for IT - autor: Ponniah
Database Modeling and Design - autor: Teorey, Toby
Death before Birth: Fetal Health and Mortality in Historical - autor: Woods, Robert
Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nanoelectronic De - autor: Yanushkevich, Svetlana N.
Dedicated Digital Processors: Methods in Hardware/Software C - autor: Mayer-Lindenber, F.
Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in C - autor: Douglass, Bruce
Design and Analysis of Composite Structures - With Applicati - Kassapoglou
Design and Verification of Microprocessor Systems for High-A - autor: David S. Hardin.
Design of Digital Systems and Devices - autor: Marian Adamski, Alexander Barkalov, Marek Wgrzyn
Designers Guide to Asynchronous VLSI, A - autor: Beerel, Peter A.
Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon. Das 20. Jahrhundert. Halm - Hau - autor: Feilchenfeldt, Konrad
Developing Intelligent Agent Systems - A Practical Guide - autor: Padgham
Dictionary of Chemistry - autor: McGraw-Hill
Dielectric Phenomena in Solids: With Emphasis on Physical Co - autor: Kwan Chi, Kao
Digital Arithmetic - autor: Ercegovac, Milos D.; Lang, Tomas
Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB for Students and Rese - autor: Leis, John
Directory of Open Access Journal - služba podporující otevřený přístup k vědeckým a odborným časopisům, k výsledkům vědy a výzkumu
Doing Research Projects in Marketing, Management and Consume - autor: Hackley, Chris
Driving Growth Through Innovation: How Leading Firms Are Tra - Autor: Tucker, Robert
Dynamical Analysis of Vehicle Systems - autor: Schiehlen, W.
Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook - autor: Reid, Gavin
ERIH - databáze pro hodnocení vědy v humanitních oborech
EU Bookshop - digitální knihovna elektronického knihkupectví EU
EZB - Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek - elektronická knihovna časopisů
Ebsco - Academic Search Complete - plnotextová databáze vědeckých článků
Ebsco - Academic Search Ultimate - databáze vědeckých časopisů pro akademické instituce
Ebsco - Business Source Complete - odborné články z oblast ekonomie
Econophysics and Sociophysics: Trends and Perspectives - autor: Chakrabarti, B.K.: Chakraborti, Anirban; Chatterjee, Arnab
EduDonor Index - Worldwide Directory of Grants for Educational Institutions
Effective Project Management - autor: Roberts, Paul
Elements of String Cosmology - autor: Gasperini, Maurizio
Emerging Actuator Technologies - A Micromecatronic Approach - autor: Pons
Encyclopedia Judaica - encyklopedie o životě Židů
Encyclopedia of Islands - autor: Gillespie, Rosemary G.
Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management - autor: Schwartz, david
Engineering Analysis of Smart Material Systems - autor: Leo
Engineering Optimization: Methods and Applications Second Ed - autor: Ravindran
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: An Economic Approach - autor: McDaniel, Bruce
Eric - služba pro oblast vzdělávání
Error Correction Codes for Non-Volatile Memories - autor: Micheloni, R.; Marelli, A.; Ravasio, R.
Essays on Giordano Bruno - autor: Gatti, H.
Essentials of Mechatronics - autor: Billingsley
European Comparative Company Law - autor: Andenas, Mads; Wooldridge, Frank
Europeana - multimediální knihovna materiálů týkající se EU
Evidence-Based Clinical Practice in Nurcing and Health Care - autor: Pearson, AlanField; JohnJordan, Zoe
Expounding the Constitution: Essays in Constitutional Theory - autor: Huscroft, Grant
Extreme Value Distributions: Theory and Applications - autor: Kotz, Samuel
Extreme Values in Finance, Telecommunications and the Enviro - autor: Finkenstadt, Barbel; Rootzen, Holger
Extremes in Nature: An Approach Using Copulas - autor: Salvadori, Gianfausto; Kottegoda, Michele
Family Law, Sex and Society: A Comparative Study of Family L - autor: Peter De Cruz
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Metals and Alloys - Microstruct - Krupp
Field Archaeology: An Introduction - autor: Drewett, P.
Firemní monitor - Albertina CZ (MagnusWeb) - údaje o registrovaných ekonomických subjektech
Flow Induced Vibrations - autor: Kaneko
Foundations of Comparative Politics - autor: Newton, Kenneth
From Eudoxus to Einstein: A History of Mathematical Astronom - autor: Linton, Christopher M.
Functional Materials - autor: Banerjee S., Tyagi A.
Fundamental Principles of Engineering Nanometrology - autor: Leach, Richard
Fundamentals of Geomorphology - autor: Huggett, Richard John
Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method for Heat and Fluid - autor: Lewis
Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook - autor: Boyce, Meherwan P
Gas Turbines - autor: Soares
General Jurisprudence - autor: Twining, William
Geometric and Engineering Drawing - autor: Morling, K.
Global Project Management Handbook: Planning, Organizing and - autor: Cleland, David; Gareis, Roland
Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism and the Economics of Growth - autor: Baumol, William; Litan, Robert; Schramm, Carl
Guide to Financial Management - autor: Tennent, John
Guide to Project Management - autor: Roberts, Paul
HEPSEU Database - Higher Education Programmes & Scholarships in European Countries
HRAF - Human Relations Area Files - plnotextová databáze
Handbook of Applied Algorithms: Solving Scientific, Engineer - Nayak
Handbook of Blind Source Separation - autor: Comon, Pierre
Handbook of Intellectual and Development Disabilities - autor: Jacobson, John; Mulick, James
Handbook of Microalgal Culture: Biotechnology and Applied Ps - autor: Richmod, Amos
Handbuch Kundenmanagement: Anforderungen Prozesse, Zufrieden - autor: Topfer, Armin
HeinOnline - plnotextová databáze právnické literatury
High Energy Astrophysics - autor: Longair, Malcolm S.
Human Rights in Africa: From the OAU to the African Union - autor: Murray, Rachel
Hydraulics and Pneumatics - autor: Parr, Andrew
IEEE Xplore (IEEE-IET) - technická literatura z oblasti elektrotechniky, elektroniky, počítačových věd, aj.
Image Processing - Dealing with Texture - Petrou
In Defense of Things: Archaeology and the Onthology of Objec - autor: Hodder, Ian; Preucel, Robert
InCites - analytický nástroj pro hodnocení vědy a výzkumu
Information Security: Principles and Practice - autor: Stamp
Informaèní portál Evropské unie - portál EU
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy - autor: Shrader, Bernhard
Innovations in Rehabilitation Sciences Education: Preparing - autor: Solomon, Patricia
International Business: Theory and Practice - autor: Ajami, Riad; Cool, Karel
International Commercial Litigation - autor: Hartley, Trevor
International Law on the Left: Re-examining Marxist Legacies - autor: Marks, Susan
International Poverty Law: An Emerging Discourse. CROP Inter - autor: Williams, Lucy
Internet Technologies Handbook: Optimizing the IP Network - autor: Miller
Introduction to Distribution Logistics - autor: Brandimarte
Introduction to Fungi - autor: Webster, John; Weber, Roland
Introduction to Pattern Recognition: A Matlab Approach - autor: Theodoridis, Sergios
Introduction to Plasma Spectroskopy - autor: Kunze, Hans-Joachim
Introduction to Statistics Using Resampling Methods and Micr - autor: Good
Introduction to Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theoryof Matter - autor: Burshtein
JSTOR I.-V. - digitální archiv špičkových amerických časopisů, kolekce I.-V.
Jazyk a jazykověda - autor: František Čermák
Journal Citation Report - databáze uvádějící impact faktor vědeckých časopisů
Já: O mozku, vědomí a sebeuvědomování - autor: František Koukolík
Kant und die biblische Offenbarungsreligion : Kant a biblické zjevené náboženství - autor: Jakub Sirovátka, David Vopřada
Kant und die biblische Offenbarungsreligion: Kant a biblické zjevené náboženství - Autor: Jakub Sirovátka
Knowledge Discovery with Support Vector Machines - Hamel
Knowledge Management and Business Strategies - autor: El-Sajed Abou-Zeid
Korrosion - Ursachen und Vermeidung - autor: Tostmann
Kultura a struktura českého jazyka - autor: František Daneš
Language Usage and Language Structure - autor: Boye, Kasper
Law at the Vanishing Point: A Philosophical Analysis of Inte - autor: Fichtelberg, Aaron
Lecture Notes in Computer Science - plné texty sborníků z počítačových konferencí
Legal Ethics and Human Dignity. Cambridge Studies in Philoso - autor: Luban, David
LexGalaxy - právní informační systém o českých právních dokumentech nejen pro právníky
Life Cycle Reliability Engineering - Yang
Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology - autor: Nunney
Linear and quasilinear elliptic equations - autor: Ladyzhenskaya
Logging and Log Management - autor: Chuvakin A.
Logistics and Retail Management - autor: Fernie, John; Sparks, Leigh
Managing Complex Projects - International I
Managing Tourism and Hospitality Services: Theory and Intern - autor: Prideaux, B. ; Moscardo, Gianna; Laws, Eric
Manufacturing Engineering Handbook - autor: Geng, Hwaiyu
Manuscriptorium - bibliografické popisy vzácných rukopisů, starých tisků a map
Marketing Communications Management: Concepts and Theories a - autor: Dopley, Paul
Marketing ROI: The Plan to Campaign, Customer and Corporate - autor: Lenskold, James
Materials and Design - autor: Ashby, Michael
MathSciNet - bibliografická databáze matematické vědecké literatury
Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem - autor: Attaway, Stormy
Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, 3rd Edition - Volume 4: Ener - autor: Kutz
Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Volume 1: Mat - autor: Kutz
Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Volume 1: Mat - autor: Kutz
Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Volume 2: Ins - autor: Kutz
Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition, Volume 3: Man - autor: Kutz
Mechatronic Systems - Modelling and Simulationwith HDLs - autor: Pelz
Memory-Based Logic Synthesis - autor: Tsutomu Sasao
Metal Fatigue - autor: Pook, L.P.
Metal Fatigue Analysis Handbook - autor: Lee, Yung-Li
Metamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations - Engheta
Methodengeschichte der Germanistik - autor: Schneider, Jost
Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology - autor:Qin, Yi
Microporomechanics - autor: Dormieux
Microsystems for Bioelectronics - autor: Zhirnov, Victor V.
Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where The - autor: Krum, Cindy
Modern Heuristic Optimization Techniques: Theory and Applica - autor: Lee
Modern historiography: An Introduction - autor: Bentley, Michel
Monasterium - virtuální archiv středoevropských klášterů a diecézí
Multi-Sited Ethnography: Theory, Praxis and Locality in Cont - autor: Falzon, Mark-Anthony
Multimodal Signal Processing - autor: Thiran, Jean-Philippe
NGOs in International Law: Efficiency in Flexibility? - autor: Dupuy, Pierre-Marie; Vierucci, Luisa
Nano-Architectured and Nanostructured Materials - Fabricatio - autor: Champion
Nanophysics and Nanotechnology - An Introduction to Modern C - autor: Wolf
Nanotechnology - An Introduction to Nanostructuring Techniqu - autor: Köhler
Nanotechnology Applications to Telecommunicationsand Network - autor: Minoli
Natural Law: Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches - autor: Garcia, Alejandro; Silar, Mario; Torralba, Jose
New Directions in Regional Economic Development - autor: Karlsson, Charlie
New Frontiers in Ethnography - autor: Hillyard, Sam
Nonprofit Marketing Guide, The: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways t - autor: Miller, Kivi Leroux
Nursing Ovid - plnotextová databáze vědeckých článků pro ošetřovatelství
O komentáři, o komentátorech - autor: Barbora Osvaldová
OECD iLibrary - databáze zpřístupòující socio-ekonomická statistická data
Objectivity and the Rule of Law. Cambridge Introduction to P - autor: Kramer, Matthew
Oborová brána Knihovnictví a informaèní vìda (KIV) - informační zdroje pro knihovníky a informační pracovníky
Oborová brána Musica (MUS) - informační zdroje z oblasti hudby a hudební vědy
Oborová brána Technika (TECH) - informační zdroje pro technické obory
Oborová brána Umìní a architektura (ART) - informační zdroje z oblasti umění a architektury
Od národního státu ke státu národností? - autor: Jan Kuklík, Jan Němeček
On the Future of History: The Postmodernist Challenge and It - autor: Breisach, Ernst
Optical Networking Best Practices Handbook - autor: Vacca
Optics and Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces - Bordo
Our Knowledge of the Past: A Philosophy of Historiography - autor: Tucker, Aviezer
Oxford Journals - kolekce HSS - plné texty časopisů z Oxford University Press
Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance - autor: Wilmott, Paul
Pediatric Neuropsychological Intervention: A Critical Review - autor: Hunter, Scott; Donders, Jacobus
Pergamon Materials Series - autor: Ferro
Perspectives in Rehabilitation Ergonomics - autor: Shrawan, Kumar
Philosophy of Physics. Handbook of the Philosophy of Science - autor: Brezinski, Mark
Plasma-Aided Nanofabrication - From Plasma Sources to Nanoas - autor: Ostrikov
Power Sources and Supplies - autor: Brown
Practical Data Communications, Second Edition - autor: Freeman
Practical Genetic Algorithms, Second Edition with CD-ROM - Haupt
Principle of Legality in International and Comparative Crimi - autor: Gallant, Kenneth
Principles of Laser Materials Processing - Kannatey-Asibu
Principles of Mathematics - autor: Bertrand Russell
Principles of Physical Vapor Deposition of Thin Films - autor: Harska, K.S.Sree
ProQuest Ebook Central - e-knihy (dříve Ebrary)
ProQuest STM + Hospital Collection - plnotextová databáze vědeckých článků
Process Risk and Reliability Management - autor: Sutton, Ian
Proportionality Principles in American Law: Controlling Exce - autor: Sullivan, Thomas; Frase, Richard
Psychosocial Adaptation to Pregnancy - autor: Lederman, Regina; Weis, Karen
PubMedCentral - digitální archív časopisů z medicíny
Pubmed - databáze zahrnující citace článků z oblasti biomedicíny
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Real - autor: Quayle, Michael
Quantum Approach to Informatics - autor: Stenholm
RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications - autor: Itoh
ROAR - Registry of Open Access repositories - seznam open access repozitářů
Real-Time Systems: Scheduling, Analysis, and Verification - autor: Cheng
Reconstructing Law and Justice in a Postcolony - autor: Okafo, Nonso
ResearchGate - vědecká sociální síť
Retail Marketing Management - autor: Gilbert, David
Robust Statistics - Theory and Methods - autor: Maronna
Rule by Law: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes - autor: Ginsburg, Tom
Rule of Law in Comparative Perspective, The - autor: Mortimer Sellers, Tadeusz Tomaszewski
SAGE - Humanities and Social Science kolekce - plné texty článků z časopisů
SCOAP repository - open access časopisy z oblasti jaderné fyziky
Science Direct - plnotextové vědecké časopisy od nakladatelství Elsevier
Scopus - citační databáze
Semantic Web Technologies - Trends and Research in Ontology- - Davies
Sensors Applications - Sensors for Automotive Technology V 4 - autor: Göpel
Sensors Applications - Sensors in Medicine and Health Care V - autor: Gopel
Shakespeare’s English Kings: History, Chronicle, And D - autor: Saccio, Peter
Signal Bandwidth Extension for Applications in Audio Signal - autor: Larsen, Erik; Aarts, Ronald M.
Signaling in Telecommunication Networks, Second Edition - autor: van Bosse
Simulation and Monte Carlo - With Applications in Finance an - autor: Dagpunar
Simulation-based Design for Lean Six Sigma: Transactional Pr - autor: El-Haik
Single-Word Reading: Behavioral and Biological Perspectives - autor: Grigorenko, Elena; Naples, Adam
Six Sigma - Advanced Tools for Black Belts and Master Black - autor: Tang
Skrze postmoderní teorie - autor: TomášHauer
Smart Material Systems and MEMS - Design and Development Met - autor: Varadan
Smart Structures - Physical Behaviour, Mathematical Modellin - Gaudenzi
Sociology of Law: Visions of a Scholarly Tradition - autor: Deflem, Mathieu
Software Performance and Scalability: A Quantitative Approac - Liu
Speech Recognition Over Digital Channels - Robustness and St - autor: Peinado
Spoken, Multilingual and Multimodal Dialogue Systems - Devel - autor: Delgado
SpringerLink - plnotextové vědecké časopisy od nakladatelství Springer
Standard Model, The A Primer - autor: Burgess, C.P.; Moore, Guy D.
Statistical Signal Processing for Neuroscience - autor: Oweiss, Karim G.
Strange Functions in Real Analysis. Pure and Applied Mathema - autor: Kharazishvili, A. B.
Supersymmetry DeMYSTiFied - autor: LaBelle, Patrick
Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Midwifery Practice: - autor: Garratt, Lis
Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Oxide Nanomateria - autor: Rodriguez
System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach - autor: Pintelon
TRIZ for Engineers - Enabling Inventive Problem Solving - Gadd
Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook - Taguchi
Taylor & Francis: Social Science & Humanities Library + Science & Technology Library - databáze vědeckých časopisů od vydavatele Taylor & Francis
Taylor&Francis e-books - elektronické knihy od vydavatelství Taylor&Francis
Telecommunication System Engineering, Fourth Edition - autor: Freeman
Teorie regionálního rozvoje - autor: Jiří Blažek, David Uhlíř
The Art of Designing Embedded Systems - autor: Ganssle
The Blackwell Companion to Globalization - autor: Ritzer, George
The Finite Element Method for Three-dimensional Thermomechan - autor: Dhondt
The National Academies Press - books - knihy - free download
The Wireless Data Handbook, Fourth Edition - autor: DeRose
Theory of Tokamak Transport - New Aspects for Nuclear Fusion - autor: Woods
Thinking About Ordinary Things : A Short Invitation to Philosophy - autor: Jan Sokol
Titanium and Titanium Alloys: Fundamentals and Applications - autor: Leyens, Christoph; Peters, Manfred
Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies - autor: Goeldner, Charles; Ritchie, J.
Trauma anesthesia - autor: Smith, Charles
Tropical Mycology - autor: Watling, R; Frankland, J.C.; Ainsworth, A.M.
Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters - autor: Maniktala
Trust, Complexity and Control - Confidence in a Convergent W - autor: Cofta
Tvorba jako způsob poznávání - autor: jan Slavík, Vladimír Chrz, Stanislav Štech
Two Hundred Years of Accounting Research - Autor: Mattessich, Richard
UNiLibrary - digitální knihovna OSN
Variation in Working Memory - autor: Conway, Andrew; Jarrold, Chris
Vibration with Control - autor: Inman
Voices of Russian Literature: Interviews with Ten Contempora - autor: Laird, Sally
Volební právo cizinců v komunálních volbách České republiky a jeho využití - autor: Zuzana Machová
WSCG Digital Library - sborník z konferencí International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision
Web of Science - citační databáze
Wiley Online Library - plné texty časopisů vydavatelství Wiley-Blackwell: STM kolekce
Wind Power in Power Systems - autor: Ackermann
Working Memory and Academic Learning: Assessment and Interve - autor: Milton, Dehn
Your Guide to First Aid - autor: Gupta, S.
Úspěch i zklamání: Demokracie a veřejná politika v Praze 1990 - 2000 - autor: Martin Horák
ČSN - online - kolekce platných i neplatných norem ČSN
Česká národní bibliografie - české knihy, periodika, články, dizertace
Česká základní škola - autor: Dominik Dvořák
Člověče, bylo ti oznámeno, co je dobré… - Autor: Libor Ovečka